Elissa Chan

My Physics grades in Sec 3, Sec 4 and O Levels were A’s. The content got more complicated once I entered JC, and around the middle of JC 1, I had a long nightmare that I failed Physics for my A Levels. I got even more anxious after that, and the stress was terrible. The Great Knowledge Keepers showed me profiles of some excellent and experienced Physics tutors. I chose Ms Lim because she has a Ph.D. in Physics from NTU and has been a tutor for 12 years.

Ms Lim is outstanding. Whenever I felt discouraged because I could not answer the questions that my classmates could, she would teach me methods where I dissected the question. Time management is also important and she taught me how to answer correctly within the time limit

Elissa Chan
Singapore Tuition Student Attending Victoria Junior College

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